~Mulanya Di Sini~
kalau tak melangkah kita tak tahu kita boleh berlari

~My Belated Wish~

Hai semua 🙂
Seems like it’s been long I didn’t update this blog
its not because of I have no idea to post, but the main and big point is..LAZINESS
Yeah…its true…:)
when the laziness come, I got no mood to do nothing
Oh noooo…Don’t follow this ya…

I think it’s not too late to wish all of the reader HAPPY HARI RAYA 🙂
Even though today is 16th day of raya, but its okay right?
Better late than never hehehehehe
Forgive all my mistake, all unsatisfied in my writing, over joking etc, I’m really sorry
Truly sorry….
Same goes to you…
In other word, forgive and forgiven 🙂


How’s your raya going?
Is it best or worst?
For me…raya for this year is same as last year…
But I enjoy it more than last year 🙂
Don’t know why, but I feel like this year’s raya is the best
Maybe because of I still got a lot of duit raya even now I’m 22 (maybe next year its my turn to give duit raya he3)…
Yeah, I think that’s the reason why 🙂
Plus, I got an opportunity to have a sweetest time with my beloved family (suddenly got touching huu), and my beloved cousins since I do my practical at Seremban.

Okay then…
I think that’s all for now…
The more I write about my family, the more I got touching.. 😦
Keep reading my blog ya…
I have a lot of story to be update and going to be read by my loyal readers 🙂
Do take care of yourself

*Writing in English as the practice to master in that language 🙂


4 Responses to “~My Belated Wish~”

  1. terlambat lagi kot..raya sebulan..huhu..byk ke dpt duit raya??amboi..jjom ke rumah sy..

  2. x terlambat lagi kot..rayakan sebulan..byk ke dpt duit raya??jom ke rumah??

  3. hei u…
    bkn men berabuk lg skiping ek…
    org xjd la g umah mun weekend ni..
    abg wi ajak blk kg..
    sowi tau..

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