~Mulanya Di Sini~
kalau tak melangkah kita tak tahu kita boleh berlari

~Kids Nowadays~

Hi you all 🙂
Do you ever see kids who have a deep interest in photography?
Yeah…I do…
The kids I refer to is my nephew and my niece…
Apparently, they are falling for photography world 🙂

Let picture do the talking 🙂

both of Amir and Mira playing with camera :)

both of Amir and Mira playing with camera 🙂

mira n amir3

The subject :)

The subject 🙂

That is 🙂
I think the sister is just 6 years old while her brother around 4 years old…
I don’t really sure about their exact age he3…
From my observation, the sister who her name is Mira has a deep interest to snap a picture.
Maybe it is inherited from her mother who has the same interest…
Like mother like daughter 🙂
While her brother who his name is Amir, just follow what his sister do he2

For me, it is a good hobby to be applied by kids
Taking picture can be an interest hobby for them rather than wasting a lot of time with watching TV…
Do you agree with me??? 🙂
Its okay if they want to watch TV, but not over watch it…
Like what I write earlier, it is just waste their time except if they watch beneficial program for instance animal planet hiiii
In additional, it is not good for their eye’s health when spending too much time in front of TV.

Okay then….
Take care of yourself…

*Photography can be side income or permanent job for those who have an awesome skill and knowledge as well*  



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