~Mulanya Di Sini~
kalau tak melangkah kita tak tahu kita boleh berlari

~Live Like We’re Dying~

Hi friends out there 🙂

Currently I’m so in love with new single from Kriss Allen
For those who have no idea who is Kriss Allen, he is the champion of the latest American Idol.
Now he got a new single entitled LIVE LIKE WE’RE DYING

handsome Kriss Allen :)

handsome Kriss Allen 🙂

That song has a deep meaning for those who learn it closely and play it countless like I do hahahahaha…
Actually that song asks you to appreciate the time we have just now.
We don’t know when time stop ticking,
How long we can live to have a good time with our beloved person,
So, we have to live like we’re dying 🙂
That’s the moral that I can take from that catchy but meaningful song

For sure I already download it from the internet (plus the lyrics so I can understand it each word of it heee),
So that I can play it countless through my phone while I do my audit work.
Believe me; I got high spirit to concentrate on my work because I got motivated 🙂

In this opportunity, I want you to read two verse of this song so that you can get motivated as well 🙂

lookin at the hand of the time we’ve been given here

this is all we got and we gotta start pickin it

every second counts on a clock that’s tickin’

gotta live like we’re dying


We only got

86 400 seconds in a day to

turn it all around or throw it all away

we gotta tell ’em that we love ’em

while we got the chance to say

gotta live like we’re dying

So friends, wake up….
Don’t ever waste your precious time 🙂
Full it with beneficial thing…
Our life is soooooo short, so make it sweet ya.
If you got chance to do something you really dream, just do it.
Don’t let the chance go.
If you do let it go you can’t really sure if there is tomorrow for you.
So again, live you life like you’re dying 🙂

*For muslim, got surah in Al-Quran that asks us to appreciate our precious time as well. It shows us how importantly our time to be managed and used.*


2 Responses to “~Live Like We’re Dying~”

  1. good song…hehe
    btw kate nk wat entry sal buku yg bru li ri tu..huhu

    *i had updated my blog…
    need your support meh….haha =)

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