~Mulanya Di Sini~
kalau tak melangkah kita tak tahu kita boleh berlari

~Happy Birthday To Them~


Since I got an ample time today, I would like to post a special entry as my ‘birthday gift’ to my two beloved and best friends. They are, Nazra Nasir and also Rihanna Abd. Rahim 🙂 Both of them are celebrating their 22nd birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY girls…. 🙂

me n naz

Nazra is my course mate in UKM. We started become close when we are in 2nd year. She is kepoh girl you know. Hahahaha. But her ‘kepoh’ is still under control 😉 But I strongly believe that she can replace michelle’s place as MELODI’S REPORTER especially in TERJAH segment (is that segment is still exist??? I’m not watching that show for a long time).

me n anna

While Rihanna on the other hand, I met her when we studying together in matriculation. Both of us are KMPKians 🙂 Actually we haven’t meet up for almost three years. Last time we met is when we in 1st year. Can you imagine how much I miss her 😦

Whatever it is today is their happy day 🙂 Once again, Happy Birthday. Sweet 22. I always pray for your long-lived, happiness and successful in everything you do. Lastly, I love both of u girls, muahhhhhhs 🙂




13 Responses to “~Happy Birthday To Them~”

  1. ap bezday nek nazra…..

  2. gelaran tu da lame da..
    die je xle trime knyataan…=)

  3. hehe…
    sian die..tgu jela die bkk blog ko jap g..

  4. ei korg yg nenek….
    aku skrg da mkin comel da…
    smua kata aku mcm budak2….
    so sweet……….
    tq fana wat entry ni…..
    cyg kamu..

  5. fana aku ske la pic kte ko letak ni..
    coz pic tu aku look sooooooooooo….cute….happy go lucky jer..haha
    ko cam mak aku jer..yg sentiasa dismping ku…hahahah…..

  6. hahaha..
    klaka nye korang ni..
    masing2 pasan…
    nek naz, ko nmpk mude sbb perangai ko la..
    bkn sbb muke ek..
    pasan sungguh

  7. hehehe..
    xmo la puji2 korang..
    t leh menimbulkan riak lak kang..kuikui
    org gak yg dose…

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