~Mulanya Di Sini~
kalau tak melangkah kita tak tahu kita boleh berlari


Hi all my friends.

This entry is my tribute to one of my officemate. Officemate?? Herm is she my officemate in fact she is practical trainee just like me? I think the ‘officemate’ term is not suitable since that term is more to permanent staff. Am I right??? Correct me if I’m wrong. Ehehe. To make is easy, I must say, she is my practical friend 🙂

me n k

The special person that appear to my blog (chewah, mcm la blog femes) is Nareme. I call her kak Nareme. She studies at UniTen. At first I came to Azmi Ismail & co. (my audit firm where I do my practical prog) she lends her hand to help my other friends to do their audit work. You know, for new comer like us there is a bit of confusion plus nervous when our supervisor gave an audit work. So, she voluntary came and helps my friends. Kind hearted right? 🙂

She is also talkative person. You just give her a root topic, and she can talk about that about 30 minutes or more if we didn’t stop her. Yes, that is her specialty. No one can deny that. Her specialty makes our office turns hilarious and sometimes like a market 🙂

But, last Friday is her last day. She will continue her study on the end of this Nov. Thanks to Kak Nareme because you make my day with your joking as well as always helping me in doing my audit work. I really appreciate it.  And I will make sure that our ‘big’ plan in future will be realized, insyaAllah 🙂

Okay, till next entry then. Do take care of yourself. Keep glue to my blog ya….Salam.










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